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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Art Deco: Robe from reclaimed clothing

I have started making robes from vintage clothing.  I have titled this one "Art Deco" because of the fabulous art deco fabric, which I found at a thrift store.  This robe was created by deconstructing two vintage 100% cotton skirts: a turquoise Indian cotton skirt with gold trim, and the art deco print in blue and green.  Although it was a stretch to create a robe from only two items of clothing, I love the way it turned out.

Every inch of the reclaimed clothing was used; the sash was constructed with strips of the art deco print, along with the white cotton lining.  The gold trim, which was taken from the hem of the turquoise skirt, was used to decorate the sleeves.

The back of the robe might be my favorite part.  The stylized, art deco print resembles peacock feathers. I fell in love with the aqua blue and aqua green colors and design.

As you can see, I pieced the skirt fabric in the back to create one long panel.  This project was challenging and fun.  I'm now making another robe from recycled clothing in a totally different style... stay tuned for more photos from the studio !

p.s.  By request, we've added a tab at the top of the page which shows where to find our patterns.  For questions, email Marina at modernrobe@gmail.com

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