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Monday, August 18, 2014

Our newest distributor is in Canada!

We are excited to announce that Fabric Spark is carrying the Modern Robe pattern online, which means that we now have a distributor in Canada !  Owner Daryl Aitken has created a beautiful, well-organized shop with luscious designer fabrics, and creative quilting and sewing patterns.  Here is the Modern Robe, created by Daryl, in luscious Joel Dewberry fabrics from Fabric Spark.

This is the most gorgeous shade of raspberry we've seen!  Here is a close up of the fabrics, which you can find on this page as of this post.

You can find scores of unbelievably beautiful designer fabric at Fabric Spark, and you can search for fabrics by color, theme, manufacturer or designer.  Daryl Aitken, the store owner, says:  "I love the sewing community. Whether interacting with bloggers, fabric designers, pattern makers, manufacturers, or sewists, everyone I meet is nice, helpful, talented and enthusiastic. Fabric inspires me to make things. I hope that the fabric here will inspire other people to make things too."

Here are some fabrics we are currently coveting at Fabric Spark.

Some fabrics we are coveting at Fabric Spark

Image credits:  The Modern Robe photo is courtesy of Fabric Spark; the Modern Robe pattern can be ordered on this page.

Monday, August 11, 2014

I was featured at See How We Sew!

In a post at See How We Sew, I was thrilled to read an enthusiastic review of my Modern Robe sewing pattern. Here is a photo of the Modern Robe made by quilter, author and teacher Laura Nownes:

Those of you who are quilters may recognize Laura Nownes as the co-author (with Diana McClun) of Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!!! The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking. Laura offers quilt patterns and instruction on her website, Laura Nownes

Here is what Laura said about the Modern Robe: "There are many wonderful details that make this robe special: a stand-up collar, side seam pockets, a hanging loop, inside ties, reinforced facings AND there are no set-in seams! During construction I found myself enjoying the design and sewing process so much that I decided not to skip one single step. It is simply wonderful just as Marina has designed it. Being particular about patterns, I must say that I was extremely pleased with the clarity and thoroughness of her instructions. They are well written and include easy-to-follow diagrams. Although this robe looks wonderful in Asian-inspired fabrics, it can take take on a thoroughly modern look with today’s fabrics."

A big thanks to Laura for featuring Modern Robe and for sharing the photo. If you want to make a robe in fabrics of your own choosing, you can purchase a pattern at one of our distributors listed on this page

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Modern Robe made from reclaimed Hawaiian shirts

I've been collecting men's silk Hawaiian shirts for use in sewing projects, and I finally had an occasion to turn them into a robe.   The heavy silk they use for men's shirts is buttery soft and easy to sew.  Here is the finished robe, which I gave to a dear friend.  It is based on a variation of my Modern Robe sewing pattern.

Here is the back of the robe...

This mens' Hawaiian shirt was used for the waist and collar detail on the robe...

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Marina at Modern Robe.