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Monday, August 18, 2014

Our newest distributor is in Canada!

We are excited to announce that Fabric Spark is carrying the Modern Robe pattern online, which means that we now have a distributor in Canada !  Owner Daryl Aitken has created a beautiful, well-organized shop with luscious designer fabrics, and creative quilting and sewing patterns.  Here is the Modern Robe, created by Daryl, in luscious Joel Dewberry fabrics from Fabric Spark.

This is the most gorgeous shade of raspberry we've seen!  Here is a close up of the fabrics, which you can find on this page as of this post.

You can find scores of unbelievably beautiful designer fabric at Fabric Spark, and you can search for fabrics by color, theme, manufacturer or designer.  Daryl Aitken, the store owner, says:  "I love the sewing community. Whether interacting with bloggers, fabric designers, pattern makers, manufacturers, or sewists, everyone I meet is nice, helpful, talented and enthusiastic. Fabric inspires me to make things. I hope that the fabric here will inspire other people to make things too."

Here are some fabrics we are currently coveting at Fabric Spark.

Some fabrics we are coveting at Fabric Spark

Image credits:  The Modern Robe photo is courtesy of Fabric Spark; the Modern Robe pattern can be ordered on this page.

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