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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modern Robe in modern textures: Marcia Derse Designs

Marcia Derse is one of the stars of modern fabric design. About her work, she says:  "Each piece of fabric is a new exploration of color, form, and texture. They are paintings in themselves and when I bring them together on a giant white wall in my studio space each piece becomes a landmark or road in the map of the idea I am translating."  We came across several of her painterly collections at a local quilt store, and we knew that her fabrics would be perfect for our Modern Robe.


This fabric is called Indigo Script and it is from the Stream Line collection for Troy Corporation (TRO-1157/1). Since we purchased this fabric we have learned about Marcia's love of typography, which may well have influenced this spontaneous-looking "script" design.

For the sash we chose Marcia Derse's Modern Texture in Slate (TRO-1210/11, below). We used the reverse (unprinted) side of the slate fabric as it was a good match for the lighter tones in Indigo Script.  We quilted the sash with five free-form wavy lines, in keeping with the Stream Line theme.  With the five quilted lines, this sash stands up well to washing and wearing while remaining supple enough to be tied in a knot, bow or loop.

Recently, Marcia's fifth collection for Troy has been released,  and you can preview it here.  If you are interested in her design process and inspiration, check out Marcia Derse's website and this 2-minute interview from Spring 2011:

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