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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modern Robe in Winter Palace (flannel !)

How does the Modern Robe look in flannel?  We decided to check it out with this modern robe for Bea.  She chose the new Winter Palace collection by Maywood Studio. The big and bold winter roses are softened by the ice-creamy color and plush flannel fabric.  Since Bea is only 5'0" tall, we made her Modern Robe in the shorter version (we also shortened the sleeves by 2"). Her robe fits her perfectly, and the cozy flannel will keep her warm in the Wisconsin winters.  

MASF8091-R and -W, Winter Palace by Maywood Studio

The sash was quilted with three lines of stitching in a matching thread.  Due to the thickness of the flannel, this provides just the right amount of structure for the sash (see below).  We freehanded the wavy lines, using a walking foot and stitching one down the center and then placing the other lines to either side.  This easy sash can be stitched up quickly (unlike many other sashes, in our design there is no tube to turn inside out!)

When flannel is used, the collar facing can be eliminated. Therefore, this robe has only 7 pieces! ( For those who love pockets in their robes, optional side seam pockets are included in the pattern.)

Although flannel is quite thick, it worked out fine in the Modern Robe pattern.  However, we do recommend using a new #18 sewing machine needle.

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