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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modern Robe in Winter Palace - part 2

Valerie wanted a long Modern Robe in flannel, and she selected this simple but elegant butterfly lace design.  The fabric is from the Winter Palace collection by Maywood Studio.  

MASF710-R (Left) and MASF8091-R (Right) by Maywood Studios
Valerie was debating about using a contrasting floral print for the sash, and she found a half-yard cut of a floral print by Philip Jacobs. Although the robe is flannel and the floral print is not, the reds match perfectly, and the cool blues and greens of the print provide an interesting contrast to the reds.  What do you think ? 

Left: MASF710-R, Winter Palace by Maywood Studio. 
Right: PJ 29, Floral Burst - Duck Egg, by Phillip Jacobs for Rowan.

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